The Benefits of Wedding Linen Rental

The Benefits of Wedding Linen Rental


Wedding linen rental is a great way to simplify preparations for your big day. With so many things to think about and plan from food to decorations to entertainment, deciding to rent linens is a decision that you don’t need to struggle with. For one thing, renting wedding linens means someone else will handle everything from start to finish. There are several other benefits to renting linens instead of purchasing them.

Top Quality Linens


While you can get linens from online wholesalers, the quality of the linens that you can get from a rental company is much better than the ones you can get online. Since rental companies plan to use the same linens for multiple weddings, the linens used have to be top quality, not materials that show signs of wear easily.


You don’t have to guess at the quality of your linens when you rent them. You will be able to see and touch samples rather than hoping you’ll get what you expect. There won’t be any last minute surprises.

Wide Variety of Choices


Whether you know exactly what fabric and colour you are looking for or you are completely stumped when you try to figure it out, a rental company will have a much wider variety of choices than you can find elsewhere. You can choose exactly the colour you want to match your theme or the colours of your wedding party. You can feel different fabrics and choose what you want, or you can talk to a consultant to help you choose.

Preparation and Cleanup is Done for You


A rental company will take care of getting your linens perfect for your wedding day. They will be clean and pressed, and the rental company will provide storage right up to the time your linens are needed. The setup of your linens will be handled by professionals who will make sure everything looks just right.


After the event, you don’t have to worry about cleanup. Linens will be picked up in bags and the laundry will be taken care of as part of your rental.

The Simplest Approach


At Gervais Rentals, our expert staff can give you design tips and help you choose your fabrics and coordinating accessories to create a look that will be memorable and uniquely yours on your wedding day. It’s the simplest approach for making your wedding anything but ordinary.

With the right wedding linen rentals, you can achieve the beautiful look that you have always dreamed about.


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