Gervais Rentals has been “ATTENDING YOUR RECEPTIONS & DANCING TO YOUR TUNE SINCE 1949” and have we ever been having fun! From the days of delivering in the back of the family station wagon, in trailers and in old Eaton catalogue trucks, to five-ton trucks with a central radio and GPS dispatch system, we have learnt a lot from our customers who have, in the process, made us the Greater Toronto Area leader in event support.

We have grown, diversified and computerized, all in the hopes of serving you better. With a focus on providing comprehensive service, we have expanded our inventory to include an array of tents. We are proud that we are the first rental company in Toronto with a complete tent rental package. We have also added a show service division to our portfolio, enabling us to function as a one-stop source for our corporate clients. Whether it be the rental of a podium for a speech, a skirted table for a presentation, or a complete trade show to display your wares, we will be there to fulfill your complete requirements.

Committed to providing both our traditional and corporate clients with more convenient service, we have extended our regular business hours. In addition, we have added a 24-hour emergency response line.

Once again, thank you for your interest; we look forward to being of service and ensuring the success of your event.

Yours truly,

George Ogston