4 Must-Haves for Your Canada Day Event Rentals

Hosting a Canada Day celebration shouldn’t be stressful. It’s a birthday party that everyone can enjoy, and you don’t have to bring a gift.

But if you feel like you have no idea where to start, party planning can feel hectic. When you’re planning your big Canada Day party for your office or community, it can be hard to figure out what items you should get. You also don’t want to buy expensive niche items that are only going to sit in storage for a year until you need them again. That giant indoor beanbag toss with a Canada leaf on it only works for so many occasions.

Whether it’s your first or fifteenth time hosting, Gervais Party & Tent Rentals has you covered for all your event needs. With us on your side, you can get rid of the pre-party jitters and grab the BBQ spatula because it’s time for Canada’s birthday.


Here are four definite must-haves for any Canada Day get-together.

  • Propane & BBQ Accessories

Nobody is going to come to a celebration of this scale if there’s not food promised. Freshly grilled ribs, steaks, hotdogs, hamburgers, and kabobs will make your event a success.

A propane BBQ is an essential item for any good Canada Day celebration.

If you don’t have a grill of your own, you can rent this high-quality BBQ for less than what you’ll spend on drinks and refreshments.

Don’t let anyone leave hungry by providing for everyone’s dietary needs. Gervais offers a kosher-only BBQ and a deluxe BBQ with two chambers, which is perfect for veggies on one side and meat on the other.

While you’re renting the BBQ, make it easy on yourself and get propane and grilling utensils as well. That way, you won’t have to worry about tracking down who lent them to you. You can conveniently pick up and return your BBQ essentials from one location.

  • Coolers & Ice

Warm soda, water, or beer on a hot July day? That doesn’t say party. You can keep your coworkers, friends, family, town constituents, or other guests hydrated all day with cool beverages stored in an ice cooler with 26 lbs of ice.

Gervais Party & Tent Rentals makes it convenient for you to rent the cooler and buy the ice from the same location at the same time. You don’t have to go out of your way to pick up the ice after getting the cooler, and it’s one less thing to worry about while planning your event.

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  • Garbage Cans

A garbage can may not be the first thing you think of when planning a Canada Day celebration, but you’ll certainly regret not having one when you’re cleaning up. After going through all the preparations, from the decor to the food, the one thing you may have missed is also the most vital.

Nothing is worse than being caught at the end of the day without enough receptacles to deal with the aftermath of a party. Or worse, it’s 10 minutes into the party, someone asks you where the garbage is, and you realize you’ve made a big mistake.

Keep the park, community space, or office parking lot clean all day by renting enough garbage cans. Trust us; it’s the essential item for any party.


  • Tent

You, your coworkers, friends, and family may have plans for the day, but the weather won’t always adhere to them. No matter what the forecast says about the chance of rain, you can bet that the weather is going to do whatever it wants. You can’t postpone Canada Day for a day with better weather, so you need to be prepared. Note: we do not recommend that anyone stand in / under a tent when lighting or high winds occur.

Don’t take a chance and make sure your Canada Day celebration goes on, rain or shine, with a tent. Whether you need a tent for 40, 480, or any number of people in between, Gervais Party & Tent Rentals offers premium tent rentals with plenty of options to choose from. With the tent’s high canopy roof and options for clear plastic side coverings, you can be protected from the elements and still enjoy a spacious and comfortable set up.

Make Canada’s birthday the best one yet by holding a great event with the right items for your family, coworkers, community, and friends.

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Food Festival Tent & Event Rental Essentials

Food festivals are the perfect opportunity to unite a community over its mutual love of delicious cuisine. Whether it’s ribs, tacos, mac ‘n’ cheese, or anything in between, when a food festival comes to town, everyone makes sure to turn out.

You’ve got the venue, now what? The extra care and touches are what make good gatherings great. So, think beyond that empty parking lot or field to what your attendees need. Rest assured that whatever it is, Gervais Party & Tent Rentals has you covered and is ready to help you serve some delicious summer eats.

Here are some essential items to acquire in order to ensure that your community’s next food festival is a roaring success.


Charcoal BBQ & Accessories

Nothing pairs better than summer and BBQ. A warm evening where you’ve got a corn on the cob in one hand and a half-rack of ribs in the other is a match made in heaven.  

For any BBQ-centered food festival, a large high-quality charcoal BBQ, capable of catering to the hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and veggie needs of an entire community, is a must.

Does your festival call for some spit-roasted lamb, pig, or chicken? You can rent your spit-roast charcoal BBQ from Gervais Party & Tent Rentals too!

Make it a one-stop shop for your cooking needs, and purchase your charcoal while you pick up the perfect BBQ for your event.

Tables & Chairs

When you’re trying to sample all 12 kinds of mac ‘n’ cheese at the community festival, you need a space to sit down and lay out your spoils.

While many people take home what they buy from the food festival for dinner, renting tables and chairs is a great way to entice them to extend their visit. Giving your guests a space to rest while they attend your festival encourages them to stay and buy from other street vendors. Plus, it lets them take the time to enjoy the great event you’re putting on.

Whether you’re expecting a large turnout and need banquet-style tables, or it’s a more intimate crowd, and you require smaller square tables, Gervais Party & Tent Rentals has you covered.

Pick up your chairs while you shop for the perfect size table for your event. Leave no spot unseated when you pick from fun and colourful kids chairs, the old faithful classic white bistro chair, the natural and earthy natural wood chair, and many more. Going to crown a king or queen of an eating contest? They’ll need a throne.

Give everyone a space to rest and relax so that they can fully take in all the flavours of your event.


Cutlery & Flatware

Cutlery is an essential that is often overlooked when planning food festivals, and most goers often choose to eat hotdogs, hamburgers, and other street foods with their hands. But renting stainless steel or copper cutlery adds a little extra flair to your event, and these items are a vital part of the food vendors’ cooking and serving processes.

Renting cutlery and flatware is a great way to reduce the waste of your event as well as make your festival feel a little more upscale.

Make the vendors’ jobs a little easier and supply the buffet section with everything it needs by picking up serving utensils. While you’re shopping for your charcoal BBQ, make sure to pick up tongs and a stainless-steel spatula just in case a vendor forgets their own.



No festival is complete without a tent. For a food festival that runs all day or all weekend, make sure to rent a weather-proof tent that can withstand whatever conditions arise on the day. There’s nothing more upsetting than soggy food, and if your festival goers have to eat their speciality tacos on rain-soaked tortillas, then they’re not going to fully enjoy the otherwise great event you’ve put on. Note: we do not recommend that anyone stand in / under a tent when lighting or high winds occur.

If you’re expecting an entire community, everyone is going to need a space to take shelter from the elements, whether that’s rain or heat. Gervais Party & Tent Rentals provides a comprehensive selection of tents for any number of patrons. Whether you need the 40-person white frame tent or the 450-person clearspan tent, you can rent yours and give your festival goers an essential shelter.

If your festival runs well into the night, renting some Edison lights is an excellent way to add a quaint ambiance and necessary illumination to your tent. If it’s going to get cold at night during the festival dates, you can add a great touch with a patio heater to keep people warm and happy while they eat and drink.

Food festivals should be filled with good fun, good people, and good eats. Your event can hit all the right marks when you grab the essentials!

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Why We Are the Best Place for Graduation Party Tent Rentals

It’s the big day; students are having a milestone moment and graduating from school. Whether it’s their first or fifth graduation, they deserve the best event to help them commemorate all their achievements and hard work.

If you’re a parent representative or school official, you want to make the day the best it can be for graduates. Don’t leave such an important event up to chance. Let the experts at Gervais Party & Tent Rentals take care of the big day.

Here are some of the reasons why Gervais Party & Tent Rentals is the best place for your graduation celebration supplies.


We Want to Make Your Vision Come to Life

We want to make your graduation event everything you dreamed it could be. You are the boss of your own event, so at Gervais Party & Tent Rentals, we want to help you realize your vision. Whether it’s a small or large need, we have you covered and provide friendly and dedicated service to reach your event goals.

Our commitment to your graduates’ big moment is why we offer everything that you could need, from napkins to lighting to various sized tents. Gervais Party & Tent Rentals has all of the essentials in several styles and great quality.

We’re Flexible

When you’re organizing a party for an entire graduating class, their parents, and their teachers, there’s bound to be a few concerns. Sometimes, things happen after you’ve already submitted a request for a rental; sometimes, more people show up, and you realize you should have ordered two propane BBQs instead of one. We totally understand.

That’s why Gervais Party & Tent Rentals gives you time to change or cancel items right up until 72 hours prior to the event. It’s our business to make people happy on the most joyous days of their lives, so we’d love to help you adjust even the smallest thing after you’ve ordered.


You & Your Time Come First

At Gervais Party & Tent Rentals, we understand how much of a hassle it can be to go and pick up items for your event. That’s why we offer delivery. Deliveries are made during regular business hours, but if you can’t make it, don’t worry. It’s not required that you be at the delivery destination.

After delivery, we’ll even set up the equipment for an additional charge. That way, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to set up your grill or tent, you can relax and enjoy the special day.  

Our Experience Speaks Volumes

Gervais Party & Tent Rentals’ highly trained and experienced staff is here to help you with any product use, company policy, or individual question or request that you may have. We truly believe in teamwork to help you throw your graduation event, so don’t be shy to ask questions.

We provide friendly, prompt, and informed service. So, get in touch, and we’ll help you arrange all of your graduation party needs.

Call 416-288-1846 or sales@gervaisrentals.com to talk to one of our professionals about event rentals for your graduation party today!

Why You Should Get a Tent Rental for Graduation

Graduation season is just around the corner. Everyone’s waiting to trade those stuffy school uniforms for graduation caps and gowns and celebrate their achievements at the end of the year. What better way to kick off the summer than with an awesome graduation party? But don’t let the rain ruin your event.

Inclement weather conditions shouldn’t be the reason you have to scramble and reschedule the special day for hundreds of graduates. Plan ahead and rent a tent beforehand to avoid unnecessary stress on such a happy occasion. Choose from Gervais Party & Tent Rentals’ large selection of high-quality tents and tent packages. Preparing for a party has never been easier.


Protect Guests from the Elements

Rain doesn’t stop people from graduating, so it shouldn’t be the reason the party stops either. Get a tent and make sure that you’re prepared for any weather that’s thrown at you.

Spring and summer weather can be some of the most beautiful. So, take advantage of a graduation day with sunshine. Spend the day celebrating outside under the shade of a tent, instead of cooped up inside. Backyards, patios, and parks make gorgeous and unique places to hold your event.

Note: that we highly do not recommend that anyone stand in / under a tent when lighting or high winds occur.

Cost-Effective Solution to Many Problems

After paying for years of schooling, transportation to the venue, an outfit for the ceremony, and costly graduation gowns and caps, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend or lose more money. Event spaces can be expensive, and paying for an outfit that got ruined in the rain is not going to make anyone happy.

A tent rental for graduation is a cost-effective alternative to renting an indoor space, as tents are usually a fraction of the cost of an entire hall and their staff for the day.

The best part about a graduation tent rental is that there’s no need to buy an expensive one for your school or community that you’ll only use a handful of times. Save time, money, and effort when you rent a tent.


A Beautiful and Creative Alternative Space

A white tent is the perfect blank canvas. You can design a beautiful space with the right decor and a creative eye.

It’s easy to make your vision come alive with so much potential that you wouldn’t have otherwise had in an indoor venue. Do you want a dance floor rental? No problem. Want to add a bar rental? Sure thing. Need a quiet area in the back with a lounge furniture rental for tired parents and teachers to rest after a long day of festivities? Absolutely.


The theme, colours, and set-up of your event are free for you to choose with a tent. There’s no better and accommodating option for a creative individual who’s looking to impress.

Tent rentals for graduation allow organizers to design a unique space for their graduates’ needs, and guests get to enjoy a safe and stunning celebration space.

Call 416-288-1846 or sales@gervaisrentals.com to talk to one of our professionals about a tent rental for graduation today!