Why are Chiavari Chairs So Popular?

Why are Chiavari Chairs So Popular?


If you are planning a special event such as a wedding, anniversary party or graduation party and you are looking for elegant and versatile chairs for your guests, a great choice is Chiavari chairs. Why are these chairs so popular and so often chosen for special events?

The Gold Standard of Chairs

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Chiavari chairs have been used by many important figures, including royalty. They were used at the famous wedding of John and Jacqueline Kennedy and became the gold standard of chairs at special events after that. These chairs offer both elegance and sophistication and today are used at important events such as the Academy Awards and high profile celebrity weddings.

Appearance and Design


Many people choose Chiavari chairs because of their appearance and design. They are beautiful exactly as they are and don’t need covers or enhancement. They are natural, yet elegant. They offer effortless elegance and are available in the perfect colors for weddings and other special events. Color choices include mahogany, walnut, natural, white, silver and gold. These are the perfect choices for memorable events.

Easily Complement Other Décor


The simple yet elegant design of Chiavari chairs easily complements any other décor you are planning. Although they are stylish and neat exactly as they are, they also look good decorated with sashes, flowers or anything else your creative side can come up with. Or once you have chosen your Chiavari chairs, you can relax knowing that decision has been made and you can focus on other aspects of planning your wedding or party, such as choosing flowers and centerpieces.

Perfect Chair Design


The design of Chiavari chairs is perfect for sitting a large number of guests around a table, which is an excellent use of your available space. Even though you can sit many guests at the table with these chairs, they never look cluttered. They are lightweight, yet durable and are easy to move to and from events. They can be stacked and stored with no difficulty. Their superior construction makes them stay in great shape for many years, and they resist scratches, making them a great investment for rental companies.

The Right Choice for Events to Remember

Chiavari chairs are probably the most popular event chairs in the world. They are comfortable, stylish and tasteful, and they will still look great at the end of the evening. When you choose Chiavari chairs, you have made a choice that will help you have an event to remember.

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How to Plan a Successful Outdoor Wedding


An outdoor wedding can be a setting of incredible beauty. You may dream of fresh air and the feel of refreshing breezes or the scents of the ocean or flowers, which is what you will get as long as everything goes the way you plan it. Choosing to have an outdoor wedding presents some challenges and potential complications, so you need to be sure you are ready for anything.

Choosing a Location


The location of your outdoor wedding should be meaningful to you but also practical. If you choose a public place such as a beach or park, check local regulations to see if you need any special permission to have your wedding in these locations. Consider whether there is a place nearby that can be used for your reception, which can also provide restrooms for your guests.

B&Bs can be a good choice for an outdoor wedding, because they can provide breathtaking outdoor areas, and the reception can be held there without anyone having to travel. If you have a large backyard that can accommodate your guests, this is a good choice for an outdoor wedding.

Protecting Guests from Outdoor Challenges


A tent is a necessity to protect against unexpected weather changes or intensely hot sun. Tents come in many different sizes, shapes and materials. Gervais Rentals can help you choose the right tent for your event and can also help you to plan seating.

To protect against bugs, you may want to have the location sprayed by a pest control company a couple of days before your wedding, or place citronella candles throughout the area.

Backyard Wedding Considerations


If your wedding is in your backyard, you have more to think about than a tent, chairs and decorations. You’ll need a game plan for where guests and any staff you hire will park their vehicles, and if it’s an evening wedding, you’ll need to plan for adequate lighting, especially at departure time. Consider renting luxury portable restrooms to accommodate your guests.

Planning the Menu


Work with your caterer to determine what would be the best menu choices based on the weather. Make sure they have experience running tented events. Perimeter fans on the tent can help to keep food at a reasonable temperature and can also help to keep bugs away. Have plenty of cold drinks available for your guests.

Items to Have on Hand


A few odds and ends can help you to be prepared for the unexpected. In hot weather, have bug spray and sunscreen available. Paper towels, garbage bags and spray cleaner will come in handy for unexpected spills. A first aid kid is always a good idea, and flashlights will come in handy for an evening wedding.

Have a Backup Plan


As much as you don’t want to consider this, it’s imperative to have a backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Severe thunderstorms and torrential rains will finish off your dream of an outdoor wedding, so it’s important to know what you will do if that does happen.


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4 Essential Items for Your Casino Theme Party

Want to throw a party that will keep your guests entertained with plenty of activity, so you can be sure they will have a fun and exciting time? Consider bringing the feel of a Las Vegas casino to your own event by throwing a casino themed party. There are a few essential items you will need to throw this kind of party.

Décor for Your Party


You’ll need décor to set the mood for your party. Decorate with casino balloons, giant playing cards and giant poker chips. Use plenty of red, white and black for tablecloths, napkins, paper plates and wall hangings. Large dice are a nice touch, or decorate with spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. Twinkling lights can be used to give the room a magical glow.

Games and Activities


Your guests will be ready to play some fun and memorable games. Keep games simple so your guests do not have to learn a lot of new rules. Classic games such as poker, and black jack are sure to be hits. For anyone present who isn’t familiar with these games, it’s a good idea to have rules printed out on brightly colored cards.


Gervais Party Rentals offers many products to make planning your night of casino games easy. Rent a crown & anchor wheel with layout or a blackjack table to make planning as simple as possible.

Food and Drink


Finger foods are a good idea at a casino themed party, since your guests’ hands are likely to be busy. Wings, chips and salsa or shrimp cocktail are a few ideas of items to serve along with plenty of napkins so cards don’t get damaged from greasy fingers. Have plenty of snack foods around, such as a vegetable tray, pretzels or cheese and crackers.


Drink choices can be as simple or complicated as you want. Start with beer, wine and champagne. You may want to have a few other cocktail choices, or provide punch in a punch bowl. Gervais offers a wide variety of fountains and punch bowls that can help enhance the theme, including electric fountains that are continuously flowing. Be sure to also have non alcoholic drink choices available.

Party Favours


Give your guests party favours as a gesture of appreciation, and also as a way for them to remember the event. Party favours don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. A small gift bag with personalized poker chips, candy, custom playing cards or pens will be appreciated.


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Planning an Unforgettable Wedding Shower

Wedding showers are a way to celebrate the bride and groom before their wedding day, and are also a way to let friends and family mix and mingle. Showers can be hosted by anyone other than the couple. For the person that is doing the planning, putting together a wedding shower can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be.

Who Should Be Invited?


A traditional bridal shower is typically just for the bride, and the guest list would include her female friends, family and coworkers. A wedding shower is for both the bride and groom, so the guest list will include friends and family of both, usually people who will also be invited to the wedding.

Where Should the Wedding Shower Be Held?


By inviting a mixed crowd, you are free to get very creative with the location of the event. While there’s nothing wrong with hosting the shower in your own home, for a more unforgettable experience, consider a location that is personally meaningful to the couple.

For example, if they share a love of nature trails or the beach, these might be good locations for a wedding shower. Or choose any other location that signifies a shared interest, such as a bowling alley, golf course or skating rink.

Choosing a Memorable Theme


Choosing a theme isn’t a requirement, but it can give the shower more focus and make it more memorable. A theme can also help with decoration choices and menu. Themes can revolve around gifts, meals or interests. A few examples include a cookbook wedding shower, a garden shower, a wine tasting shower or a household gadget shower.

Food and Fun


The time of day you plan the shower will affect what type of food should be served. A morning or brunch shower could include coffee, tea, bagels, pastries, yogurt and fruit. An evening shower might include cocktails and appetizers or a dessert buffet. For outdoor wedding showers, consider a barbecue or finger sandwiches.


Planning a few games can make it even more fun and can help to break the ice between guests who don’t really know each other. Try a scavenger hunt, charades or trivia questions about the couple.

Ask for Help

Make sure you ask for help from other family members or friends. The more people that are involved in making suggestions and helping to plan the event, the less likely you will forget an important detail. Extra hands will be important when it comes to decorating and preparing food.


With just a little bit of help, you can plan a wedding shower that the bride and groom will really appreciate and will always remember.