Benefits of Renting Your Wedding Dress


Shopping for the right dress is one of the most exciting parts of a bride’s wedding journey, but this task can also be fraught with stress, budgetary issues, and other problems. One great alternative that can help alleviate many of these stresses is opting to rent a wedding dress instead of buying one, and today we’re going to discuss the many advantages of this option.

You’ll Save a Great Deal of Money

The average wedding dress costs about $1,500, but if you want something very fancy and very specific, then you could easily spend upwards of $10,000 on a dress that you’ll probably only wear once. When you rent a wedding dress, on the other hand, the cost could be as low as $200 (though this can typically go as high as $2,000), so there’s a potential for significant cost-savings through renting, meaning you’ll have more money in your budget to allocate to other wedding plans.

Rentals Give You Access to a Wider Range of Options


Although wedding dress rentals may not be the most traditional option, grooms have been renting tuxedos for their special day for decades, and they’ve learned a little secret in that time: garment rentals give you a great deal of freedom in terms of style, material, and other design options. For instance, a groom may fall in love with a specific designer suit or a classic vintage style, but may not have the budget to purchase it, whereas rentals make these high-end or unique ensembles accessible to everybody. The same is true with wedding dresses, where renting could mean the difference between you having the dress of your dreams versus having to settle for something that’s less-than-perfect.

No Need to Worry About Storing the Dress

One of the things about a wedding dress is that even though it’s a wear-it-once-in-a-lifetime garment, most people still want to hold on to them for sentimental reasons. This attachment, however, entails having to properly store and maintain your dress for years to come, even if you never plan to put it on again. With a rental, all you have to do is return the dress when you’re done with it, and you typically won’t even have to worry about cleaning the dress before you take it back.

You Can Also Rent All the Accessories Needed to Complement Your Look


Anybody who has ever planned a wedding outfit knows that the dress is only one part of the equation, and there are also other accessories to think about as well. Many dress rentals also come with accessory rentals as well, including things like:

  • Shoes
  • Jewellery
  • Veil
  • Sash
  • Bows
  • Gloves
  • Purse
  • Headdresses

Renting a wedding dress as opposed to buying one can eliminate many of the stresses often associated with this part of wedding planning. One of the chief benefits of a wedding dress rental is that it can save you thousands of dollars while also allowing you to wear the dress of your dreams on your special day. Beyond that, dress rentals also give you a broader selection to choose from, can provide you with all the accessories you need to look perfect on your big day, and you’ll never have to worry about adequately storing the dress in the future.


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