8 Best Wedding Ideas

No matter who you are or in which era you get married, a wedding is always a special event dedicated to two loving people. And when it comes to making the day special for those two people, there are lots of great wedding ideas out there for décor, food, clothes, style, and more. Classic, modern, and whimsical are three of the overall style choices that people often opt for, and here are eight best wedding ideas for those styles.

Classic Wedding Ideas

  1. The Tiered Cake

The multi-layer cake is one of the most recognizable symbols of a wedding, and you’ll be happy to know these cakes are just as in style as they ever were. For a more modern twist, consider decorating the cake with real flowers or having each tier a different flavour.

  1. Hanging Décor

You can have any type of traditional décor you want at a classic wedding, but why not make it a little more unique by hanging it? Options include hanging photos or pictures, bunting, floral arrangements, and hanging elements that form parts of the centerpieces.

Modern Wedding Inspirations

  1. Draped Fabric for a More Intimate wedding

Large weddings that take place in large open rooms can leave you feeling like you’re at a museum rather than celebrating a special and personal day, but you can use draped fabric to make the room feel smaller, warmer, and more welcoming.

  1. Projections and Image Mapping

Did you wish you could have had a destination wedding but also wanted your entire family and all your friends to be able to make it? With image mapping, you can have the best of both worlds, because projections can make you feel like you’re anywhere in the world, or give you any type of intricate décor you’re looking for.

  1. Break the Flower Mold

Long gone are the days when you had to walk down the aisle with roses and have generic centerpieces. The modern wedding is much more open to exotic flowers and eccentric arrangements, including long-stemmed calla lilies for the tables, orchids for the bouquet, finding different ways to display flowers, or even using fruit on the tables instead.

  1. Soft Lighting

Lanterns and uplighting are great ways to make a wedding more romantic, especially if you’re going with a modern loft-style wedding, a rustic barn wedding, or a classy outdoor wedding.

Whimsical Wedding Possibilities

  1. Opt for a Themed Wedding

Did you and your honey meet at a Comic-Con convention and share a passion for cosplay? Then why not incorporate that into your wedding! Many couples these days are opting for themed weddings, such as a Harry Potter, Disney, or fairy tale theme. Want a great idea for a fairy themed wedding? Use clear ghost chairs to give your wedding an ethereal look.

  1. Choose Your Designs Based on a Decade

There’s something nostalgic and classic about the 1920s and 30s, and you can incorporate elements from these eras into your wedding, including with Art Deco décor, a vintage dress and suit, and even a classic car for photo ops.

The best part about your big day is that you can customize it any way you like, and whether you want a classic, modern, or whimsical style, these eight best wedding ideas will give you some inspiration. Gervais Party & Tent Rentals has everything you need to throw the ideal wedding, from accessories to décor to furnishings and more. Get a head start on your planning by visiting www.gervaisrentals.com/rentals, or by calling us today at 416-288-1846!


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