12 Best Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

While it’s important for many couples to be fashionable, they also don’t want to be so trendy that the wedding will seem dated when they look back at photos. With that in mind, here are some of today’s best wedding table decoration ideas that are both classic and chic, and that will have family and friends talking about what a lovely wedding it was for years to come.

1. Embracing Colour

When picking flowers for the table, think about bold shades of orange, vivid fuchsias, or even a rainbow centerpiece. For an ultra-stunning look, try all-white tablecloths and place settings paired with colourful vases and vibrant flowers.

2. Going Pastel

When you want to embrace colour but are looking for a more muted effect, pastel flowers, table cloths, and place settings add an elegant splash of colour.

3. Incorporating Desert Elements

Succulents are becoming an extremely popular choice for table decorations, and you can either go full-on desert with cactus centerpieces, or you can combine succulents with other flowers.

4. A Taste of the Tropics

Just because you didn’t slip away for a destination wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a tropical paradise wedding. Consider using tropical flowers, sea shells, ferns, Polynesian elements, and even tropical fruit like pineapples on the tables.

5. Planning Your Wedding to a Tea

Vintage tea tins on the table are an excellent way to customize your wedding and give your day a classic feel, but you can also incorporate teapots into the décor by using them as vases.

6. Hanging Elements

Hanging centerpieces, including fabric, flowers, and potted plants, are becoming extremely popular, and you could even hang terra cotta pots above the tables using macramé holders.

7. Going Garland

There are several ways you can include garland in your décor, such as garland table runners, hanging garland (or bunting) from the roof or tent, or garland and pillar candles on the tables.

8. Try a Table Runner

You can also use table runners for long tables to make guests feel more connected. And if you want to get creative, consider burlap runners for a rustic wedding, grass runners for a green or outdoor wedding, or monogrammed runners for the head table.

9. Getting Wild with Flowers

Wedding flowers are no longer limited to roses and other traditional blooms, and couples these days are choosing anything from wildflowers to lemons to decorate their matrimonial tables.

10. Aim High

There’s nothing new about tall centerpieces, but the ones that are popular today are so tall that they’re both stunning and they don’t block guests’ views. For a more rustic look, have tall centerpieces wrapped with ivy.

11. Vintage and Elegant

Vintage is always in when it comes to weddings, and here are a few ideas for your table: all-white centerpieces, antique wine glasses, and floral arrangements that include ferns, roses, and jasmine.

12. Rustic and Natural Centerpieces

Some of the best wedding table decoration ideas for a rustic, outdoor, green, or natural feel include incorporating berries, antlers, lots of greenery, lanterns, pinecones, and feathers into your centerpieces. And while you’re at it, you can even use birch logs in place of vases.

With these best wedding table decoration ideas, you’re guaranteed to have a classically stylish wedding that will be both beautiful and memorable. At Gervais Party & Tent Rentals, we have all the accessory and item rentals you need to put together an unforgettable wedding. You can start planning today at www.gervaisrentals.com/rentals or by calling us at 416-288-1846.


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