9 Hot Wedding Trends

A wedding is one of the most special days of a couple’s life together, so it’s no surprise that most couples are very particular about what they want. These days, most brides and grooms want a mix of traditional, modern, and unique elements, and while they do want something individual, they don’t want anything overly trendy. That being said, many couples want to incorporate some fashionable ideas, so here are the hot wedding trends that you can mix and match to plan your perfect day.

1. Return to a Natural and Rustic Feel

If you can’t have an outdoor wedding under the trees or a rustic marriage in a barn, then bring in some natural elements with potted plants and non-flowering greenery, and create the rustic feel with stick arrangements, mason jars, hanging décor, and plenty of candles and lanterns.

2. Not Your Mom’s Invitations

Wedding invitations have always been a big deal, but today the name of the game is creativity, excitement, and experimentation. Here are a few ideas:

  • Handcrafted or artisan-made
  • Foil stamping
  • Custom illustrations
  • Multiple patterns
  • Textured paper
  • Bold envelopes

3. Definitely Not Gramma’s Gift

It has long been acceptable to request cash or ask for specific gifts through a registry, but couples today are thinking outside the gift box. These days, you can have a honeymoon registry, request experiences as gifts, have a gift-free charity registry, or request specific non-traditional gifts.

4. Getting Creative with Food

These days, couples want their meals and snacks served with more flair, so creative presentations and deconstructed versions of classic fare are becoming extremely popular. For that matter, local food traditions are increasingly being incorporated into wedding meals, such as a Montreal wedding that serves poutine.

5. A New Twist on a Classic Cake

One of the hot wedding trends is the move back to the classic, high, tiered cake, but with modern accents. For instance, having a cake table with multiple flavours, nearly nude cakes that have minimal icing, and edible flowers as decorations.

6. Food and Drink Pairings

Another food-themed trend is pairing food, and especially hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, with special drinks (think tiny tacos paired with mini margaritas). Many couples are even opting to have a signature drink for their special day.

7. Wedding Entertainment

Gone are the days when a wedding band or DJ is expected to entertain guests all night, and it’s popular today to have live entertainment—such as performers or dancers—or make-your-own entertainment offerings like outdoor games.

8. Décor of the Future

Image mapping uses projectors to bathe walls with pictures, images, and scenery. Imagine, for instance, an indoor winter wedding that uses image mapping to make it look like a tropical destination wedding.

9. More Exotic Floral Choices

Although there are certain flowers that are still included in almost every wedding arrangement, couples are looking for more striking blooms, including dahlias, sugarbushes, buttercups, and especially peonies.

The ideas you can use to put together a unique, interesting, and completely personalized wedding are endless, but some things work better than others, and those tend to become the popular trends. When it comes to hot wedding trends, the theme seems to be a return to the traditional, but with obligatory modern touches.

In terms of colours, décor, food, and themes, you can’t go wrong with traditional, vintage, rustic, or natural these days, and there are plenty of ways that you can personalize these elements to customize your special day.

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